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Pink Floyd Road Manager and long time friend of Floyd stops by to say Hello

Production Manager Chris Adamson stopped by to say ‘hello’ to the band today. Chris regularly keeps in touch with David, Roger and Nick and worked with them during ‘Meddle’ and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Chris felt particularly nostalgic listening to our version of Arnold Layne; praising our band as "bloody fantastic". Chris can be heard on ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ saying phrases such as: "I've been mad for f**king years, over the edge for yonks working with bands” (Speak to Me) and"Yeah absolutely in the right!" (Money).

Chris can be seen in the video (above) at 1min 45s, where he is being playfully teased by the Floyd. He told us that he continues to see the guys regularly whenever he's in town and plans on visiting Nick during the US leg of his ‘Saucerful of Secrets’ tour. We asked him to say ‘hello’ to Nick from us!

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