The Scottish Pink FLoyd

Pink Floyd Road Manager and long time  friend of Floyd stops by to say Hello

February 2019

Production Manager Chris Adamson stopped by to say hello to the band today. Chris regularly keeps in touch with David, Roger and Nick and worked with them during Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon. Chris felt particularly nostalgic listening to our version of Arnold Layne, praising our band as "Bloody Fantastic". He can be heard on Dark Side of the Moon saying phrases such as "I've been mad for f**king years, over the edge for yonks working with bands"(Speak to Me) and "yeah absolutely in the right!" (Money).

Chris can be seen on the video (left) at 1min 45s in being playfully teased by the Floyd. He regularly sees the guys whenever he's in town and plans on visitng Nick in the US during the US leg of his Saucerful of Secrets tour. We asked him to say hello to Nick from us!

Under New Management

January 2019

With a new year comes a new start for the band. Our new manager David has experience with marketing, visuals, audio production and has booked many bands and tribute shows for venues in Glasgow.
He will be joined by PR Manager Kimberely, an avid Floyd fan with years of experience in PR.
The band have continued to go from strength to strength. Expect to see something special in the next year!

New addition to the band


The Scottish Pink Floyd are pleased to welcome Graham Millar on board, playing tenor sax in the band. Graham has had years of experience playing sax in previous Floyd tributes and is a welcome addition to the Scottish Pink Floyd family



From this moment, the Scottish Pink Floyd will no longer be represented by RB Music Management or associated with

Robert Brogan. We would ask that any enquiries or dealings with the band be sent to


As a result, we have constructed a new Facebook page and Instagram and would ask you to share amongst your contacts to allow us to reach our old fan base. Thank you all for your support and continue to Shine On brothers and sisters.

The Scottish Pink Floyd are under new management

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