Which one's Pink?
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Scoosh Harper


Scott "Scoosh" Harper was gifted a guitar as a teenager from his parents after listening to endless Metallica and thinking 'that must be the best feeling in the world'.


The early years

He joined his first band in 2009, Dana O'Hara. A melodic death metal band with NWOBHM influences. Built a good following around the Glasgow scene and recorded an EP titled 'these darkening oceans' which was never released.  The band sadly fell apart as a result.


Previous Bands

LlamaFunkSnarf (a groove funk metal band).

Still going but spread out geographically.

Current Bands

As well as The Scottish Pink Floyd, Scoosh has a band called Leaf Lady & The Wish Collective. A progressive psychedelic rock band. You can find their EP on Spotify.

Scoosh also writes and records his own material spanning from acoustic,

psychedelia and groove metal.

For the Scottish Floyd, his current gear includes a Fender Stratocaster (USA) 1993 in midnight wine. Taylor 114ce Line 6 Pod XT Live, Schecter PT Pro.


His influences includ John Martyn, Matt Andersen, Adam Jones,

Ben McLeod, Nicholas Allbrook,

His aspirations are to work on music full time and seeing the world which he states would forever be the dream. Taking the show on the road. Music has always been the primary cathartic outlet of his life and states "I want to share that with as many people as possible".

Check out Scoosh's other band
Leaf Lady & the Wish Collective