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  • The Scottish Pink Floyd

Updated: May 10

Keyboardist Paul Mitchell is set to join the band in July 2022 . Paul is a talented multi-instrumentalist who will add an additional dimension to the band's authentic sound. Paul will play a mixture of shows alongside current keyboardist David Parsons, and also cover some shows by him self as Parsons is currently involved in another project. Find our more about Paul and our other band members here

  • The Scottish Pink Floyd

The Scottish Pink Floyd were delighted to hear the band being mentioned on Marc Riley's show on BBC's 6 Music. The band's bass player had been chatting with a couple who were amused to discover the band's upcoming show in Dunoon was called "Dark Side of Dunoon". So much so that they wrote in to Mark Riley's show to mention it. The couple in question were of course rewarded with a pair of tickets to a show of their choice as a thank you

  • The Scottish Pink Floyd

The Scottish Pink Floyd made a triumphant post-lockdown return to the stage on Sunday night in Aberdeen's beautiful Tivoli Theatre. Playing 2 and a half hours of music live for the first time in almost 2 years. Joining them on stage were 2 of the three new backing singers, Joan Patrick and Leanne Hood, with the 3rd backing singer Laura Hill joining the band at their next show.

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