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Which one's Pink?
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Paul Mitchell


The Early Years

Originally from Linwood, Paul now lives in Glasgow. He started strumming and hitting things to make a musical noise around 3 years old. He got his first keyboard at 7 and from then went on. He started trying to play any song he would hear around  - which then was mainly the Beatles and bands like ELO and the Eagles.

Growing up in the 80s and having an older sister, exposed him to synth pop bands like Duran Duran, Aha and that fuelled his fascination for synthesisers, sequencers and the producers and techniques that made these new sounds.
Ha had never heard before - producers like Quincy Jones/Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson who were very influential for him.

Discovering Pink Floyd
Paul probably discovered Pink Floyd at age 14 and absorbed everything he could find by them since. The first Floyd album he owned was The Wall. It was Gerald Scarfe's iconic artwork/ marching hammers that made him want to put it on in the first place. Paul has since played in lots of original bands over the years with some mixed commercial success but always enjoyed playing other peoples music as there’s so much incredible stuff out there.

Recent band
He has recently played and recorded with LockDan, a lockdown inspired band/project to record Steely Dan songs from home. Musical keys/synth influences are Greg Phillinganes, Richard Tee, Alan Clark, Prince, Paul McCartney and of course Rick Wright.

Musical Influences
Paul's musical influences are way too long to list, but he enjoys anything that’s musically interesting with his current favourites being Vulpeck and Parcels. However, his musical staples will always be Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder Prince and Steely Dan. Favourite things to do are learning new songs, walking my dog and making curries.

Keyboards/Synths aren't the only instruments Paul plays, he also plays guitar and a little bass. There may be scope for Paul to bring some of his guitar skills to the band in the future. 

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