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Which one's Pink?
SCOTSFLOYD (63).jpeg

Scott Keenan

Lead Guitarist

About Scott
Scott joined The Scottish Pink Floyd in 2013.
His favourite song to perform live is Comfortably Numb

with it's roaring guitar solos

Scott talks about his rig for Floyd shows

“To recreate the Gilmour sound, I’m running either a Fender strat with Seymour Duncan STK pickups or an American deluxe with N4 pickups through a Line 6 Helix, using the same signal chain and effects that David would use. This cuts down the amount of volume on stage and means I have a tone that stays consistent no matter the venue. The challenge is to try and replicate Floyd as they changed over the years and on different studio albums and live recordings, including Davids solo albums. I also use Faith acoustics, custom built lap steels and a Fender switching kit. Strings are always D’addario NYXL”.

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