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Scottish Floyd Keyboardist to join The Australian Pink Floyd Show on World Tour

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Scottish Pink Floyd keyboardist David Parsons is getting set to join the Australian Pink Floyd Show on the North American leg of their world tour. David, who joined the Scottish Floyd 5 years ago was delighted to get the call, but didn't make it public until rehearsals with the Aussies came to a close.

David will be covering a number of shows in the US as well as all Canadian shows later this year. "Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy playing these songs live, and to play on this scale is just mind blowing" says David. David initially met with the Aussies earlier this year in France where he experienced a week on the road with them. Having played a few songs on stage with them during sound checks, followed by rehearsals soon after, the band invited him to join them on part of their North America tour. As a massive Pink Floyd fan, David first saw the Australian Pink Floyd show at Glasgow's Pavilion in 2002. It was there that he first imagined playing in a Pink Floyd tribute. 15 Years later David was delighted to join the Scottish Pink Floyd and 20 years from initially seeing that very band perform live, he joins them this September! David will split his time between both bands and will only miss one show with the Scottish Floyd this year as a result. Scottish Floyd newcomer Paul Mitchell will take his place on keys for the Aberdeen show this year, but David hopes to continue performing alongside Paul going forward as the band continues to grow.

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