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Which one's Pink?
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Graham Millar


Graham has been playing saxophone for thirty years, he plays both tenor & alto saxophone.


The Early Years

He has played in a number of bands, predominantly around the Scottish club scene. The Scottish Pink Floyd isn't the first Floyd tribute Graham has played in. He previously played with The Surrogate Pink Floyd for eight years performing a number of shows up and down the country. 

Favourite Genres
As well as Pink Floyd, Graham loves traditional rock n roll, ska, swing and reggae.


Favourite Songs to Perform Live

His favourite Pink Floyd number to perform live is Shine on You Crazy Diamond and The Gunners Dream.



All Time Favourite Floyd songs
His all time favourite Floyd tracks are  Echoes and Coming Back to life - both of which he believes The Scottish Pink Floyd do brilliantly.

Favourite Venues to play
His favourite venues to date are The Motherwell Civic Centre, St Lukes in Glasgow, the Portsmouth Theatre Royal and The Tivoli Theatre Aberdeen.

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