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Which one's Pink?

David Parsons

Keyboardist, Vocalist & Manager

David currently splits his time between playing with the Australian Pink Floyd Show and the Scottish Pink Floyd. He has played keyboard/synth in bands for over 26 years, starting in a house band at a local club aged 16. He has worked on soundtracks for award winning short films and has produced multitrack recordings for theatre shows.

David performing with The Australian Pink Floyd Show


The Early Years
At 21 he began working in a 1200 capacity entertainment venue in Glasgow and incorporated his keyboard playing skills into his entertainment role.

8-Hour Pink Floyd Live Marathon
His love for Pink Floyd encouraged him to organise an 8-hour Pink Floyd music marathon featuring 8 acts from across the UK performing throughout the day.  This would become the first event where he performed an impromptu

Pink Floyd song live (Nobody Home).


Entertainment and Multimedia Manager
For the next 6 years he worked in another entertainment venue, booking and promoting acts, programming lighting and editing music for in-house entertainment shows, as well DJing and playing keyboards. 


At the age of 31, he worked as an Assistant Entertainment Director for P&O Australia. Based in Sydney, his first contract was DJing to up to 2000 passengers on South Pacific cruises. The cruise director utilised his entertainment experience to introduce acts, host interactive games on stage, devise entertainment schedules and occasionally play with the showband.
He came back for his second contract as an all round entertainer.  His updated role included everything from playing piano in the cocktail bar to singing and dancing backed by a 12-piece band as one half of a Blues Brothers tribute.


Returning back to Scotland in 2017, David was asked to join an original band and borrowed a keyboard to perform a number of shows in venues around Scotland. Discovering the Scottish Pink Floyd had a vacancy for a keyboardist, David took a gamble and bought two keyboards just to audition (a Korg M3 and Roland VR-09). 

Achieving the Pink Floyd Sound
Being a self-confessed perfectionist, he researched synths, electric pianos, string machines and organs to figure out which instruments are used on each song. He updated his rig with a Korg Kronos 2 and a Nord Stage 3 and sampled vintage synths and string machines. He continuous to work on perfecting the sounds and has even been complimented by a member of Pink Floyd's touring band members.


You can find some samples of David's

Floyd sounds on his youtube page here


Additional Creative skills
A keen photographer, David managed to get front row at
both David Gilmour and Roger Waters shows and has a number of unique professionally shot prints form both shows.


David works in multimedia and uses his skills to design the band's flyers, posters, banners, social ads and t-shirts.

He edits videos for the show and triggers all the sound effects,

many of which he has recreated. 

He has also taken on management duties, booking and promoting shows.


Favourite Memories of Floyd
David has seen Roger Waters live 8 times, Gilmour live 3 times, Mason live 3 times and was lucky enough to witness the Pink Floyd reunion at Hyde Park for Live8 in 2005. However, his favourite Floyd related memory to date was a video from Roger Waters. When Roger discovered David was Scottish, he shouted in his famous Scottish school teacher voice from 'The Wall' - "You! Yes you behind the bike sheds!" David (of course) has kept a copy of the video!

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 18.51_edited.jpg
david parsons photos.png

Photography by David Parsons

Roger Waters shouts his famous Scottish School Teacher line

when learning David is from Scotland

Watch David perform Another Brick in the Wall pt 2 with The Australian Pink Floyd Show

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