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...and who'll deny, it's what the website's all about

The Scottish Pink Floyd are an 11-piece band dedicated to accurately recreating the sounds of Pink Floyd.


Pink Floyd road manager Chris Adamson (centre) with Scottish Pink Floyd drummer Dougie (left) and keyboardist David (right)

Originally formed for a one-off charity event at Glasgow's famous Barrowlands, the band stood the test of time after its founding members decided to carry on with the project. Since then, the Scottish Pink Floyd have developed a legacy; continuing to go from strength to strength with the current line-up being the most dedicated yet to achieving an authentic Pink Floyd sound. 


Floyd lyricist and wife of David Gilmour - Polly Samson

writing a fitting line from High Hopes to the Scottish Pink Floyd

After learning our keyboardist was Scottish, Roger delighted the band by recreating one of the lines from the Scottish School teacher at the end of Another Brick in the Wall shouting "You! Yes you behind the bike sheds" 

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